There is Christmas in the Cross

For most people the celebration of Christmas is a time filled with joy, family gatherings, the giving of gifts, and many happy and wonderful memories. And so it should be!

But life has a way of sneaking in and stealing the emotional joy that Christmas time might bring.

I have spent Christmas alone, without family, without loved ones.

I know what it is like to be limited financially and not be able to purchase gifts for those you love.

I have experienced the loss of loved ones or family and have experienced the grief over the Christmas experiences that will never happen again.

But the true meaning of Christmas is not found in a forlorn stable outside of Bethlehem, BUT ON A HILL OUTSIDE OF JERUSALEM.

This is where the Son of God, who came to the earth to die for our sins, sacrificed His life for all of mankind.

Now, whosoever will may give their heart to Christ, and no matter their situation, they will find the joy and contentment that only peace with God can bring.

You will always find the true meaning of Christmas when you consider what the Christ Child did for us on the Cross!

You will always find the true meaning of Christmas in the Cross.

Luke 2:14 – Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Loren Larson

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